Wall hanging {Rachelle Anne Miller Studios}

Hi, everyone! I’ve made something a little bit different today. This Storytime image from Rachelle Anne Miller was the perfect one to color up for a wall hanging to go in a toddler’s room.
The image itself is almost square, so I had to come up with something to fill the space to make it fit in my frame. I chose a quote from a children’s book from 1953 that every Norwegian knows pretty much by heart. The English title is “Claus Climbermouse and the other animals in the Huckybucky forest”. Early on in the book, the fox, the porcupine and the owl all try eating the smaller animals, particularly the mice. The fox is pretty much always hungry because the mice keep getting away. At one point all the animals attend a meeting in the forest, held by the bear, where one of the mice suggests they pass a law that says that all the animals have to be friends, none of them can eat the others, and that the ones that are too lazy to find food themselves, aren’t allowed to steal food from others. The law is passed, even though the owl, porcupine and fox don’t entirely agree.

The fox is so hungry that he steals a ham from a farm nearby. The couple that owns the farm go fox hunting, but instead they catch the baby bear and take him back to the farm. They want to sell him to a circus. All the animals in the forest go looking for the little bear, and the fox actually winds up being the hero that saves him. There’s a big party in the woods after where they celebrate that everything turned out okay and that the big bear turns 50.
The quote is from Morten Woodmouse when they hold that meeting. “We could have a great life here in the forest if everyone could be friends and the big ones let the small ones be. The big animals could help the little ones, and the little ones could help the big ones, because there are a lot of things that small animals can do that the big ones can’t.”

I was super happy with how it turned out. What do you think? Good for a wall in a toddler’s room?

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