Bitty Bears phone cover {Hobbykunst}

Hi, everyone! I’m back today with a back cover for a phone. I’ve made a couple of these in the past (here and here), and I actually use them! Last week, my niece asked me if I could make one for her phone, too. She wanted brown bears on hers, and I *knew* that the Bitty Bears from My Favorite Things would be perfect.

I stamped the bears randomly across a piece of X-Press It blending card using Extreme Black ink from My Favorite Things. It’s a great all around ink that you can use for both watercolor and alcohol markers. I colored the bears and realized I needed some colors for the accessories. I didn’t want to mess up, so I called my niece. She didn’t hesitate for even a fraction of a second, she wanted red, blue and purple. I wish I could make decisions that quickly. She actually colored one of the cupcakes herself. I wasn’t done when it was time to head to dinner at my parents’, so I brought the markers and a few other bits with me so I could finish it there.

I think it looks kind of cool with the silicone cover on the back, all glittered up. 10 year olds like glitter, I suppose.

Given how small these bears are, it’s a wonder I was able to cram this many colors into them.

Monstertelefon {Huldra designstudio}

Hei og hopp! Jeg har et nytt “telefondeksel” å vise frem i dag, denne gangen med søte monstre fra Huldra designstudios monsterplate. Jeg har stemplet alle fem monstrene i settet, farget dem ferdig, og stemplet dem én gang til på samme sted med VersaFine. Da blir kantene fine og svarte, og jeg kan fortsatt bruke Copics, siden jeg ikke bruker VersaFine før monstrene er ferdig fargelagt. Prosessen gjentas ved å rense stemplene (viktig for at den svarte VersaFine-fargen ikke skal sverte av til de neste monstrene), plasserer stemplene der jeg vil ha dem, stempler med svart, Copic-vennlig blekk, fargelegger og stempler over med VersaFine når monstrene er ferdig fargelagt. Og sånn fortsatte jeg til hele “dekselet” var ferdig. Da var det bare å klippe til og feste dekselet til telefonen. Lett som en plett!

Phone cover {Mo’s Dream Team}

Hi, everyone! I’ve got something a little bit different to share with you today. I’ve made a phone cover. Well, sort of.

I recently purchased a new glass film set for my phone. The set comes with a front film and a back film. I got a crack in my previous front film and needed to replace it, thus the new set. The old back film is still perfectly fine, so I don’t have the need to replace that (at least not yet). I realized that the new back film was perfect to use as a template for whatever design I wanted. I get the nice rounded corners and the hole for the camera is in the right spot.

I’m longing for summer and warmer weather, so I decided that Bubbles Girl was the perfect image for the back of my phone. I printed her out in a size I thought would fit well, traced my back film around the image and started coloring. When my coloring was done, I cut it down to size, put a couple of glue dots on the back and attached it to the back of my phone.

I have a clear silicone back cover that I put on top, and voilà – my phone is suddenly one of a kind. I guess I should get that front film on there. Even though I bought the new set a few weeks ago, both pieces are still in the packaging. There’s not exactly much protection on my phone when they’re not attached, I need to get to it!