Phone cover {Mo’s Dream Team}

Hi, everyone! I’ve got something a little bit different to share with you today. I’ve made a phone cover. Well, sort of.

I recently purchased a new glass film set for my phone. The set comes with a front film and a back film. I got a crack in my previous front film and needed to replace it, thus the new set. The old back film is still perfectly fine, so I don’t have the need to replace that (at least not yet). I realized that the new back film was perfect to use as a template for whatever design I wanted. I get the nice rounded corners and the hole for the camera is in the right spot.

I’m longing for summer and warmer weather, so I decided that Bubbles Girl was the perfect image for the back of my phone. I printed her out in a size I thought would fit well, traced my back film around the image and started coloring. When my coloring was done, I cut it down to size, put a couple of glue dots on the back and attached it to the back of my phone.

I have a clear silicone back cover that I put on top, and voilà – my phone is suddenly one of a kind. I guess I should get that front film on there. Even though I bought the new set a few weeks ago, both pieces are still in the packaging. There’s not exactly much protection on my phone when they’re not attached, I need to get to it!

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