Another Pion bag card

I’ve made another bag card with patterned papers from Pion design, this time a “big bag card”.

I found this much easier to make than the last one. It could be because this is not my first attempt, but I think it might have something to do with the size. The other one was so little that I trouble deciding what embellies to use and where to put them. This one was a breeze in comparison.

I must be making progress time wise, I did this card in ONE night. As previously mentioned, I’m a slooow scrapper, I contemplate and fiddle around with my project much much longer than I should, and actually don’t spend that long making and actually assembling the card.

The purple flowers are handmade by me (this was the part that took the longest on this card) using the back of the patterned paper. The flower berries and pearl stems are by Kort og Godt, same with the pearl in the center of the big flower. The white flower is either by Kort og Godt or WOC (don’t remember). Doily bought at Panduro. I’ve sewn all the edges. The panel with the stamps (yes, there’s more than one, but the ones stamped with “Milled Lavender” are hard to see) is a die I bought last week at the candy store (a.k.a Bikuben), the stamps themselves are from Stempelglede.

Tilda with small gift is colored with Copics, as always. I’m trying to add more shading to the clothing, but don’t know how successful I am in my endeavors. A couple of my Copics have gotten sticky over the summer, and they’ve become very difficult to use, they don’t really blend with other colors and leave a shiny surface where that particular color has been used (it’s possible to see a little bit of this on her hair and her shoes in the photo above). Anyone else had this problem?? I’ve fixed it by replacing the brush nibs, but I’d like to know the cause, so I can avoid it in the future.

I’ve used a doohickey on the edge of the bag and the patterned paper. My trusty seam binding has been colored with Copics (as always), and I’ve put a Kort og Godt pearl on the knot.

The tag has been cut out of a sheet with nothin’ but tags, also by Pion. It’s been stamped with the same stamp from Stempelglede with Milled Lavender, it might be easier to see it here than on the front (bottom right on the tag).

I’ve made the back very simple, a border and a couple of butterflies are doing all the work here.

Last, but not least; the Copics I’ve used. E31 is the one that has been in a sticky situation.. 😉

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