Juleklem {Mo’s Dream Team}

Another Wednesday, which means another contribution for Mo Manning’s Dream Team from me. This time I’ve used Ragged Winnie on this very simple Christmas card.

Mo Manning Ragged Winnie front

I colored my image with Copics and sprinkled Chunky White embossing powder on top.

Mo Manning Ragged Winnie front skrått

I added some scraps of patterned paper from Pion Design, stamped a Norsk Stempelblad AS sentiment and used a bit of foam behind my main panel for dimension.

Mo Manning Ragged Winnie liggende

I embellished very simply with a diecut snowflake with covered in Distress glitter. And that’s it.

4 thoughts on “Juleklem {Mo’s Dream Team}

    • No, it’s not. It’s an A2 size CARD. You’re confusing card sizes with paper sizes, which is a fairly common mistake. An A2 size card is 4 1/4 by 5 1/2″ (10.795 cm x 13.970 cm), whereas an A2 size sheet of paper is 420 by 549 mm (42.0 x54.9 cm). Paper sizes decrease as the A numbers increase, card sizes increase as the A numbers get higher. An A7 size card is 5 1/8 by 7″ (13.02 x 17.78 cm), but an A7 size sheet of paper is 74 by 105 mm (7.4 x 10.5 cm).

  1. Hello Elin,

    thank you, I don’t realy heart from “card- size” *lol*, I do but I don’t internalize it *hahaha*.
    I know that A6 is here a card with 10,5×14,8cm, but at this time I saw that was writen “DOUBLE” card *lol*.


  2. Oooooh I so *l*o*v*e* this card! Your colouring is absolutely stunning! You are so right not to use lots of embellishments because now all the attension is drawn to the stamp.
    Could you possibly tell me what colours you used? I would love to try this one myself 🤗. Thanks in advance

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